Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alexandra's socks

Alexandra's socks are done, just in time for her 6th birthday. Here is the ravelry link. She picked out the yarn (Vesper in the Wilberry colorway). I think there is enough left for ankle socks for her sister but i might need to do contrasting toes and ribbing.

I love the socks but i think i future, I will make legwarmers for the girls. They will last longer than socks (both for wear and size). Plus I make them knee-length so i may as well just focus on that part of the leg. They can take them off when they get hot, too.

I am feeling a bit low on wips. I am still working on the Stilwell and i just picked up my Soft Lux Wrap. I love how it is coming out. The lace is really easy and memorable but gives such a lovely effect.

I think I need another sweater on the needles, though.

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