Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I finally sewed on some buttons on some FOs that have been finished for a long time.

Here is Plain and Simple made out a gorgeous green Wollmeise 100%. The second pic with the buttons is accurate for color. I can't wait to wear this. I love the style. The buttons are perfect as well. They are from Lyanwood and I have bought from them a few times in the past. I have had great service from them every time.

Also from Lyanwood was the perfect button for Harvest Moon

I also found buttons for Shalom from the local Spotlight. They are actually pretty good and excellent for about $1 a piece. I had one perfect button for Shalom and then I changed it to a 3-button project. Turns out the store had no more and could get no more as they were vintage. Probably a good thing as they were $20 each.

What else? I got buttons for Polly and Baby Kina #1. I am very happy to have these completely done. These are exactly the same yarn - Madtosh MCN Sport in Lepidoptera.  Lighting can make such a difference. The Polly pic on top is accurate for color.

And finally, I finished the Rocky Coast Cardigan. This is a fabulous cardigan in a wonderful yarn. I knit the 36" body and 40" sleeves and I am so happy to have had the info from other ravellers about how tight the sleeves were and to be sure to give the project a substantial amount of positive ease - something I pretty much never do. I am usually knitting the 30" size for 2" negative ease. Here, reading the notes really paid off.

I also finished (except for buttons) a Baby Kina #2. Buying this yarn broke my yarn diet for 2012 but I kind of feel ok about that as it came in and out of stash immediately and it was one skein and for a gift. I did buy a second skein from the seller but that is for any random babies that might pop out soonish. This yarn is Madtosh MCN Sport again but in the Dahlia colorway. Machine-washable which is important for a mum. Such a beautiful color and i have some in DK Twist for a sweater for myself (bought in 2011).

Whew - I think that is it for now.

Actually, I should mention my current wip. It is Rose and Cross Pullover in Tosh Merino Light in Dried Rose as the MC, Antler, Ink and Tart as the CC's. I am loving the look of this. It is really pretty.

So my wips are the Rose and Cross, Hitchhiker which is at 43 points (and I could declare DONE at any time, i just have this crazy need to use most of the yarn) and Marlene, which never gets any love - but it does stop me from casting on more projects. I have been planning the next largish project and am thinking maybe the Carnaby Skirt. I have made one linen skirt (which i like a lot) and think it is time to try a  wool skirt. It may not be a success but it is worth a shot.

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  1. I just knitted a baby kina and I thought it was a really good pattern