Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Skeins Out

I know I have the knitmeter on the sidebar but I sort of think in skeins rather than metres so I wanted to see what my stashdown worked out to be for January

Shalom - 4 skeins
Green Blue Grey Socks - 1 skein
Adrift - 1 skein
Moiraine - 1 skein
Whippoorwill - 2 skeins
Umaro - 12 skeins
Baby Kina - 1 skein
Basic Chic Hoodie - 5 skeins

Total knitdown for January = 27 skeins

I also sold 8 x 200 gram balls of yarn so 8 more skeins out through destash.

Total stash reduction for January = 35 skeins.

It won't be like this all year but this is a very good start to the year.

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