Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Progress

I have made good progress on the Basic Chic Hoodie. I am about 8 rows away from the almost 4" of ribbing on the bottom. watching Downton Abbey while knitting on this has helped it to fly along. Although I love pockets, I am not doing them here as they just seem superfluous. I think i like them on cardigans that are loose and unbuttoned.

I am one of those weird people who don't mind sleeves. When I get to the sleeves, I am almost done. I can crank out a sleeve in a day or a day and a half so knowing I am 2-3 days away from finishing a garment is quite exciting. Plus they are good TV knitting or watching the kids knitting. So, I will be quite happy when the body is done as I know i only have the sleeves to go. Oh, except for the hood. And the button bands. And sewing on the buttons. Hmmm. 

Hitchhiker is still coming with me everywhere and it is also my nighttime TV knitting with my husband as the needles are small and make less noise than the big needles. I am at 32 points.

Marlene needs some love. Main problem is I don't love the needles I have. 2.75mm Harmony 80cm for magic loop or 2.75mm 100cm ChiaoGoo. I like both needles but not for this. Harmony not slick enough and Chiagoo not great for the magic looping - I find the cable too thick and cumbersome for magic loop on the smaller needles but fine for larger needles. Needles are such a personal thing, though. I need Knit Pro metal for this and should just go buy one. Next time I am in the city, I will buy some.

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