Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Still Learning

I am not sure I will actually get skilled at this but I am doing my best with the time I have available.

The previous post was just a picture from flickr and I have no idea how to edit it. It is actually one of my Dec 2011 FOs. It is Lightweight Pullover by Hannah Fettig in Madelinetosh Eyre Light in Faded Chinos.

I had a store-bought Country Road winter top/sweater like this that I had worn for years and it was looking pretty shabby and i threw it out. The winter came and I realised I had two really nice skirts with no top to go with them. I was worried about getting the right color when ordering online but this was just perfect. I could not be happier with the colorway or the yarn. It is simply gorgeous.

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